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Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders

With picnic season right around the corner, fried chicken is often a staple. I had hot chicken when I visited Nashville a few years back and I was immediately hooked. This chicken has just the right amount of heat and sweet. I like serving mine over waffles, but it’s also great served over a bed

Green Chile Tamale Pie

If you’re looking for a simple and delicious meal that your kids will love, look no further than this tamale pie. I’ve been using this recipe for years for kids cooking classes because it’s the perfect meal for kids to help make. The taco spiced beef mixture and sweet cornbread topping are a one of

Cremini Mushroom Pasta with Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

I’m a big fan of making any comfort food healthier, but the trick is always making sure it still tastes great. This cauliflower alfredo sauce is so smooth and creamy, you can’t even tell there’s cauliflower in it, making this a perfect dish for picky eaters (feel free to leave out the mushrooms if needed,

Chicken Caesar Salad with Lemony Parmesan Croutons and Julienned Radish

Today I was craving a big salad after several days of eating out for birthday celebrations. Everyone loves a good Caesar salad, but this one is highlights the flavors of spring with the addition of radishes and lots of lemon juice and zest. The best part of this salad (in my opinion) are the crispy,

Tofu Stir-Fry with Almond Butter Citrus Sauce

Stir-fries are a great go-to meal for busy weeknights. I particularly love adding crispy tofu to my stir-fries since it adds great texture and protein. For this stir-fry, I also decided to add broccoli and cauliflower for color and added nutritional value.  And the delicious almond butter sauce, which is a flavor combination of salty,

German Dark Chocolate Cake

I’m almost at a loss for words at how good this cake is. My grandma made her own version for us when we would come visit her in Michigan every year and she would always keep some in the freezer for me because I liked it really cold (it is amazing – try it!). This

Veggie-Loaded Turkey Sloppy Joes

If you grew up eating sloppy joes like I did, you know the process – ground beef, canned sloppy joe sauce and white bun. While still tasty, that meal didn’t provide many health benefits. This version is more flavorful and full of lean protein and veggies. I like serving mine on sprouted grain bread, but

Garlic and Chili Roasted Broccoli with Feta and Pine Nuts

Roasted broccoli is one of my go-to side dishes at home and at work because it’s always a crowd pleaser. And while delicious simply roasted with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, I figured why not jazz it up a bit with some feta, toasty pine nuts and chili pepper? If you want to

Cast Iron Breakfast Pizza

I love using my cast iron skillet for a variety of dishes, but pizza is one of my favorites. Breakfast pizza can be made it a variety of ways (scrambled eggs, bacon, veggies), but I decided to get a little fancy and use prosciutto since I love how it tastes when it crisps up a

Garlic Herb Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Pistachio Pea Pesto

Nothing beats a dish that looks and tastes gourmet, but is ready in under 25 minutes. Pork tenderloin is one of my favorite meats because it’s super lean and juicy and it cooks quickly, making it a great option for a weeknight meal. The sweet pea pesto celebrates the flavors of spring and pairs perfectly